The Science of Yin & Yang
Acid & Alkaline

author Tony Baja

Herman Aihara authored a book about Acid and Alkaline and the western scientific approach of how it relates the eastern Yin &Yang philosophy. the amazing documentation of the science is baffling at times, but the concept of the philosophy of Yin &Yang brings it to a center, which I believe Herman Aihara calls humanity.

I'm reviewing this all from past knowledge so I may have a few issues off, as I have my own philosophy, Built basically on Herman Aihara's foundation of Acid Alkaline - Yin & Yang series of books, which I have only read one, but I read that one many times, up in a canyon, by candlelight while living on a pure macrobiotic diet with 1 - 72 hour fast every week... and I'm still confused at times about the science that He brings forth.

The concept is one that has been around for thousands of years in the east, but here in the west, I know of only 1 medical documented study that proves this theory is actually fact. I will not state that part, until I have full permission, that is, if I ever get full permission to write about it. Then again, maybe the person who was the patient, may write that article, he is an excellent author of books.

Calcium Bentonite is a new product, from a very old source. It has been studied by NASA, as a supplement that works for the NASA Astronauts to remedy the symptoms of osteoporosis for Astronauts while in space. Thorough research has been provided on this product, but the product is still in question itself.

Here are the sources you may find interesting about the science of Yin & Yang, as it relates to Acid and Alkaline.

Herman Aihara

Acid and Alkaline - Herman Aihara

PH Food Chart

Calcium Bentonite Clay - home

Calcium Bentonite Clay - info


APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - Yin & Yang - Acid & Alkaline;
acid reflux reports from other sources

Written by Tony Baja

Tony Baja uses Apple Cider Vinegar on almost a daily basis. Generally He has a salad dressing mix bottle or two in the fridge. With a multiple mixtures of Apple Cider Vinegar and honey solutions, some with cayenne pepper, others with black pepper mixture, and so on and so forth. Tony Baja Loves Apple Cider Vinegar on more things than just salad alone.

Tony Baja will use this mixture on sandwiches (instead of mustard, ketchup and/or mayonnaise) and it adds a new zest to most sandwiches, especially if that sandwich has a selection of lettuce, spinach, or other vegetable stuffed into it. }:]

There are a select number of reports about Apple Cider Vinegar as a treatment for GERD. Tony Baja never has GERD, so Tony can NOT write about the treatment for GERD. Tony suggest that you talk to your doctor first, if on any medication, as it may have a side effect based on the articles below. Tony Strongly Recommends that everyone read the articles links, much good information is linked below.

Again, The articles below describe in a helpful manner, the healing concepts of GERD, and they make the same claim, if on medication talk with your doctor first. Tony's issue here is the Yin Yang Philosophy of Apple Cider Vinegar, whereas in that philosophy some say, "That within one, is the other - as the other is within the one" as you note the true symbol.

Can an Acidic product/component create a Alkaline effect, as Tony Believes is one of the simple basis's of the Yin & Yang philosophy. Here is a test -- both men and women can do this test (that is, if you have enough hair to do so - ya ah ah) take a small plastic cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (Tony uses a small plastic squeeze bottle) with about a quarter cup, or depending on how much hair you have.

Get in the shower, turn water on, then dress the hair with apple cider vinegar. NOTE, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) breaks down grease, as you can remove grease stains, break up honey easily, and other ways to test the acidic property of Apple Cider Vinegar. SO, many would think, that if they just soaked their hair for awhile with ACV then rinsed it all off very good, that once they were out of the shower, and their hair dried naturally, that it may be dry, stripped of all oil.

But if you try this experiment, you may note, that your hair has a new oil to it, an oil that came from who knows where, but it is there. This is what Tony Baja believes could be the Yin & Yang effect of ACV. that an acid, can create the opposite within the body.... now the ACV which is acidic has created a natural body oil............hmmmmmm - guess what, it works on body application too, reports show on sunburned skin, of all things.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar which is acidic create an opposite natural body oil? hmmmmm

Remember, if you use Apple Cider Vinegar, with this test, then go back to the shower, now shampoo you hair as regular - with or without conditioner and test to feel, if their is a quality to this Apple Cider Vinegar, as it applies to hair health.

Could the internal positive effects, reported in the articles below, which are very recommended for people who suffer from GERD, but Tony Can NOT endorse those articles, that is up to you and your doctor, as the web-inks will explain, in a very interesting professional way.

- the type in article 1, and the product in the others, that treating these symptoms is just that a treatment, always check with your doctor if on any medication first. 

NEW NOTE - Tropical Traditions has a coconut vinegar, that has the mother which is needed for a good Vinegar. I have never tested it, so I do NOT know how it differs from Apple Cider Vinegar.

PLEASE READ - Here are the links; 
Apple Cider Vinegar For Acid Reflux
Can Apple Cider Treat Your GERD
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SODIUM & POTASSIUM, be it Salts and Sugars - 
sea salt and honey

written by Tony Baja

Could this be as simple as Salt and Sugar. If you have followed the other articles on Yin & Yang, Acid & Alkaline, to Calcium Bentonite Clay, now it takes another turn, this time, to Sodium & Potassium. Let me note, that this search is for the alkalizing forms of Salt (celtic sea salt, sea salt, and Bragg amino acids) and Sugar (honey, stevia, coconut sugar).

We will look at the
Glycemic Index (GI), as it tries to measure the speed carbohydrates converting into glucose, or how fast a carbohydrate turns into sugar. Some sweeteners, as you will see have a zero GI, which is believed to be the best, but this study is for you to decide, which sweetener is best for you.

> COCONUT SUGARS - Here is a
Sweetner Chart for coconut sugar, then there is a second chart
Second Chart which show that coconut sugar has less calories than most sweetners, approx 10 times the potassium, and is low in GI compared to most other sweeteners except stevia. Tropical Traditions in the 6th paragraph on their take of coconut sugar says, that it is still to soon for them to start a brand line based on the inconclusive studies.

Honey has high Potassium, and also sugars. Honey has some real redeeming values, such as anticeptic, high antioxidants, carbohydrates. You must be aware of the synthetic honey within the markets, to understand which quality of honey is good. (costco has a good line, for economy shoppers) Here are more Honey nutrional facts. For a reported top quality line look to Manuka Honey. But do your research, busy bee honey, as funny as it sounds has a quality line, but best if from local bee keepers.

Stevia is a sweetener with zero glycimic index, there are other  benefits of Stevia that are backed up by many research  Stevia Studies. Stevia has been used in Japan for many years by the Coca Cola Co. to sweeten their drink/drinks for many years. Now that the FDA has approved of Stevia , as a sweetner, many of the Large Soft drink Co's have a drink or two sweetened with their own form of Stevia sweetner.

> SEA SALT - Sea Salts have been used for many years, the lack of refined salt is the key here is a
comparison chart then another chart for the Celtic sea salt analysis. There is opposition to these claims by the highly respected Mayo Clinic. But this is just an article, and you need to make the decisions on which product you will or have been using.

> BRAGG LIQUID AMINO ACIDS - This is the salt type tasting product that I like, and have been using for years, it's filled with nutrients
. Bragg Liquid Aminos have been around for many years, hopefully for many years to come. The pH Miracle by Dr Robert Young has it listed in his alkalizing the body book.

In all, I believe that having an Alkalizing effect on the body is a good thing, that the pH plays an important role, but you might just enjoy these salts and sugars for their other benefits, weight loss, nutrient, among others, or maybe you just might like the taste better too, like I do

Glycemic Index
Coconut Sugar - a new sweetener on the block
Coconut Sugar - Bio Distributors
Stevia Rebaudiana Studies, Stevia Rebaundiana...-SteviaInfo.com
All About Stevia Rebaundiana - Natures Zero GI...-SteviaInfo.com
Honey & Potassium - LIVESTRONG.COM
Honey Nutrition Facts - Amazing Benefits of Honey!
The Miraculous Manuka Honey - Amazing Benefits of Honey!
Celtic Sea Salt - lowers your sodium risk and...-ChooseCRA.com

Whole Sea Salt:::nutrient analysis:::devoted to the healthiest salt...
Sea salt vs. table salt: Which is healthier? - MayoClinic.com
Bragg Liquid Aminos
The Wall Street Journal - Coke and Pepsi Stoked for Stevia After FDA Green Light

Coconut Oil, Stevia, Clacium Bentonite Clay Toothpaste;
taste great, with a new polished feeling

Written by Tony Baja

OK Everyone, we ready to Rock and Roll for a Sunday Morning! Here's a tip for the girls out there, who like that fresh feeling in their mouth, that feeling of just coming home from the dentist. I know - I know most everyone says, that They Do NOT Like Going To The Dentist!

BUT, if you have no cavities, and just get the cleaning and your teeth freshly polished, I know you know that feeling, when your teeth are so smooth and your mouth just feels cleaner for it. Well here's the tip.
STEVIA, That's right, Stevia has an amazing quality that removes plaque almost instantly.

You might say - NO WAY  --  I say Try It... If you decide to try some Stevia, and you get the right stuff, you can mix this with your favorite toothpaste. You might say, I can NOT open up my tube of toothpaste. Yes You are right.

But I have just tested out a new mixing agent.
Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil, and this is the best of the best, that I have tested. I used to use just Calcium Bentonite Clay, with tea tree oil and Stevia, but blah blah blah. It just wasn't right. Now with the Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil. It is YEAH - YEAH - YEAH.... This Is It!

I mixed half 
Calcium Bentonite Clay wetted (mixed, and allowed to swell up) overnight, with half Gold Label (needed for the coconut taste) Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil, and a good amount of Stevia, in order to make it sweet enough to be better than toothpaste, and strong enough that you Should feel the polished feeling right away.

Oh yeah, the Calcium Bentonite Clay is said to have strong cavity fighting agents, as the same with Stevia. This is something that I reference, but I do not know for sure. I'ts something that cab be researched further, but HEY, it's Sunday!

Make a small amount at first, then adjust  your amounts until you reach the amount that is perfect for you. Their are other
toothpaste with Stevia products, and one more here. So the Stevia toothpaste is available, Calcium Bentonite Clay toothpaste are too, and Tropical Traditions Teeth Cleaners are available too. So you decide, or keep brushing with whatevah..... I'm just reporting here!

References to this article;
Health Benefits of Stevia
Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil
Calcium Bentonite Clay
Whitening Toothpaste with Xylitol, Stevia, Grapefruit Seed Extract, MSM and Grape Seed Oil.
Stevia Toothpaste (BIODENT)

Tropical Traditions Teeth Cleaners



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